Our Program

I would like to present Liftoff Academy Strength program. Children's lifestyles have become more sedentary than ever. This is likely due to technology replacing walking, running, and playing outside. Kids can have social life through the internet essentially hanging out with friends without leaving their home. This is not about our diminishing social interaction, or increase dependency on technology, or even a look into why physical education has declined, this is about introducing some age-appropriate activities into your child’s life to educate and create a healthy lifestyle from adolescence to adulthood.

This is a 16-week progressive strength program. Our number one goal agenda is injury prevention for the athletes. Number two is development and performance. I would recommend your child working out at least 2 times a week with 24-48 hours in between sessions. Please have the participant present and 5 minutes early to every session. We will give nutrition guidelines and post-workout snacks to build muscle and enhance recovery. You should try your best to keep your child away from processed foods, candy, and sugary beverages when not active to ensure body transformation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

Youth Group 

This class is for k-5th grade only. At this age it is important to concentrate on proper pattern, developing core strength, and coordination that will serve them later when they begin weightlifting process. Our goal is to set a solid of foundation of the main athletic movement patterns squat, RDL, Lunge, push up, pull up.


Adult Group Training

The program is designed and tailored to fit the group's fitness goal. Weight Loss, Toning, flexibility are common goals that can be reached with a specific resistance training progression. We like to keep a Coach: Client ratio of 1:5 max 1:8. All clients must meet for a 30 min assessment before their first session.