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Lyft off training prepares youth athletes for long-term success in ALL sports. We will build a foundation on speed, agility, balance, and coordination when it comes to movement. When it comes to strength, we will focus on the 7 major muscle groups. Exercises will consist of body weight, bands, light Kettlebells, dumbbells, and plates. Younger kids that are prepuberty, should not lift heavy external loads Barbells, machines, etc.

Adult Training


The program is designed and tailored to fit the group's fitness goal. Weight Loss, Toning, flexibility are common goals that can be reached with a specific resistance training progression. We like to keep a Coach: Client ratio of 1:5 max 1:8. All clients must meet for a 30 min assessment before their first session.

Adult Training


A client can choose to work one on one with a coach to help reach their fitness goal. Workouts will be customized for the client weekly based on the client’s performance. Coaches will keep the client motivated and accountable to ensure the client is being steered toward their fitness goal.


If you're a college player looking to go pro, or a pro looking to stay at the top of your game, Lyftoff training has what you need. We will work on multidirectional speed and agility and high loads of full change of direction when it comes to movement. Strength training will be customized for each athlete based on past injuries, sport, position, and goals.

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